Infervision in Japan CVIC

Imaging Clinc(CVIC) is one of Infervision’s partner at Japan. As a Japanese cardiac hospital whose total number of cardiac MRI scan accounts for 10% of the total number of cardiac MRI scans in Japan; apart from its strong impact, CVIC also has collaboration with top-tier Chinese institutions.



Uneven medical resource allocation and unreasonable visiting patient flow have become two major problems in healthcare systems. In order to solve the problems, Japan has developed a mature graded diagnosis system after long term research. In Japan, community hospitals, university hospitals and specialist hospitals each has its specific share of responsibility in the system. Because of the huge gap between the substantial demand for radiologists and insufficient supply, Infervision’s product has been implemented to the Japanese graded diagnosis system to help radiologists reduce their workload.
CVIC hospital is specialized in cardiac disease with a great number of excellent cardiologists, but because of the lack of experienced radiologists in pulmonary diseases, it usually takes 4 to 7 days for report writing. Some of the patients have need for both cardiac and pulmonary scans and the large amount of time required to finish a report on chest CT images pokes a great problem. Infervision actively solves the problem of CVIC hospital. Infervision’s AI product, InferRead CT Lung, could automatically mark suspicious lesions shortens the report writing time to 2 to 3 days, which improves the efficiency of the graded diagnostic system.