InferRead TM CT Pneumonia

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With A.l., We Improve Human Life

Efficient reading: A study comparing imaging reading time shows that the AI-assisted diagnosis improves the overall efficiency of the radiology department.


High sensitivity: A multi-center clinical trial shows that InferRead CT Pneumonia has very high sensitivity [HW1] on pneumonia detection, especially on the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (COVID-19).


Lesion density analysis: The system shows density distribution via histograms. Doctors are able to quickly assess the volume changes at different density ranges from the histogram to determine the progress of the disease in follow-up studies.

Outcome analysis: Automatically registers and matches the studies of the same patient, provides lesion comparisons, measures changes in lesion volume, density, and staging to assist the doctors with outcome assessment.

Follow-up management: This product provides a follow-up management tool to enable intelligent online follow-up for high risk patients during quarantine, which allows remote tracking of patient status and help doctors arrange further exams.

Intelligent Report: Automatically generate structured diagnosis reports and follow-up reports for pneumonia cases based on the latest guidelines.