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InferTest is an AI-based tool for diagnosis of lung diseases from chest CT and nodule, bone fractures, and pneumothorax diagnosis from chest DR. InferTest improves disease detection rate by over 30%* by accurately and efficiently detecting false negative diagnosis.

*According to the statistics in “outcome comparison”section


Product Process 

1.Providers send sample data to be tested through highly secured connections 

2.InferTest processes the sample data 

3.Detailed analysis feedback returned within a week 

*There is no charge for this service 



Disease type:

Supported Disease Diagnosis:

CT pulmonary nodule

CT fracture

DR pulmonary nodule

DR bone fracture

DR effusion

DR pneumothorax

Supported CT Layer Thickness:

0.625mm, 1mm, 1.25mm, 1.5mm, 2mm


Outcome Comparison

CT Lung Screening

Without AI:>5mm nodule recognition is 65.72%

With AI:>5mm nodule recognition rate is 93.14%

Chest Film

Without AI: nodule recognition rate is 50.3%

With AI: nodule recognition is 86.1%

Infervision AI significantly improves the detection rate of pulmonary nodules


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About us

With A.l., We Improve Human Life

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