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Coronavirus: How Artificial Intelligence, Data Science And Technology Is Used To Fight The Pandemic

As China initiated its response to the virus, it leaned on its strong technology sector and specifically artificial intelligence (AI), data science, and technology to track and fight the pandemic

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Emerging Technologies Proving Value in Chinese Coronavirus Fight

AI vendor Infervision's InferRead CT Pneumonia software uses artificial intelligence-assisted diagnosis to improve the overall efficiency of the radiology department.

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Hospitals turn to technology to combat coronavirus

In China, where the number of new COVID-19 cases is beginning to decline, Beijing-based Infervision is working with hospitals to speed up diagnosis by analyzing CT scans.

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Coronavirus Outbreak Gives Rise to More Complex Forms of Remote Work

The outbreak has demonstrated the "huge potential" of remote work, said Kuan Chen, founder and chief executive of Beijing-based medical AI company Infervision.

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Positive RT-PCR Test Results in Patients Recovered From COVID-19

JAMA published a paper co-authored by Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University and Infervision showing there might be chances of positive RT-PCR test results for the recovered COVID-19 patients

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Infervision’s AI provides triage in the fight against the coronavirus

Infervision developed the Coronavirus AI in two weeks using real cases for training, and building on another algorithm that had been in development for pneumonia detection.

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Chinese Hospitals Deploy AI to Help Diagnose Covid-19

Software that reads CT lung scans had primarily been used to detect cancer. Now, it's been retooled to look for signs of pneumonia caused by coronavirus.

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COVID-19 and artificial intelligence: protecting health-care workers and curbing the spread

Infervision, a Beijing-based AI company uses its algorithm to spot COVID-19 on images of the lung as distinct from other respiratory infections.

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Infervision in the Front Line Hospitals

Infervision launched the Coronavirus AI Solution to help front line clinicians

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