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We offer cutting-edge AI products that support medical professionals in all areas, from disease screening and diagnosis , to intervention and treatment, patient management, and medical research.

InferRead® CT Lung

Lung nodule detection from chest CT

InferRead® DR chest

Detect various diseases from chest X-ray

InferRead® CT Coronary

Detect vessel and lesion in coronary CTA

InferRead® CT stroke

Triage hemorrhage from brain CT

InferRead® CT Bone

Identify chest fracture from chest CT

InferRead® CT pneumonia

Identify and triage pneumonia from chest CT

InferOperate® For Thorax

3D reconstruction for thoracic  surgery

InferOperate® For Liver

3D reconstruction for liver  surgery

InferOperate® For Urology

3D reconstruction for urological surgery


For patient management and image follow up


AI-enabled Medical Research Platform


AI-enabled Medical Application Platform

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We empower radiologists, surgeons, researchers and healthcare teams with intuitive, comprehensive AI solutions that improve patient outcomes and streamline hospital operations.
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