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InferRead® DR Chest

AI Solution for Chest X-ray


Innovate TB screening with AI

Tuberculosis as a global problem

A total of 1.5 million people died from TB in 2020. Worldwide, TB is the second leading infectious killer after COVID-19, above HIV/AIDS.
TB is curable and preventable.
WHO recommend the use of X-ray to reduce the screening cost.
However, the shortage of radiologists in underserved regions hinders early detection of TB cases.

How AI revolutionizes TB screening: speedy analysis that saves cost

Proven accuracy in high-burden settings

InferRead® DR Chest out-performed expert local radiologists when detecting TB in Bangladesh.
• AUC= 84.90% (84.27-85.54)
• Halved the number of diagnostic tests required, retaining sensitivity >90%.
InferRead® DR Chest achieved high accuracy AUC=0.854 (0.824-0.884) in a high-HIV/TB population in South Africa.
• Achieved a similar performance to the WHO TPP, with around 90% sensitivity and 70.4% specificity, simultaneously.

50+ deployments in 15+ high-burden countries across Asia and Africa


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