Computer Aided Diagnostic Software
InferRead® DR Chest(V1.0.1.1)

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Intended Use

InferRead DR Chest is used for receiving chest radiograph DICOM image from medical imaging storage devices. It automatically analyzes the image and evaluates the probability of the chest abnormality (Tuberculosis). It shows the abnormal cases in a study list. It is used to assist the doctors for making diagnosis. It is not used for making diagnosis alone.

1) the software shall be installed/upgraded/uninstalled by the by Infervision technician, or by relevant technician approved by Infervision for software install/upgrade/uninstall in case of treatment delays caused by abnormal running or errors of the software.

2) Users are required to obtain relevant qualification through participating in the training programs provided by Infervision before they start to use this software to diagnose patients so as to avoid misdiagnosis/missing/false positive.

3) The software is only permitted to be used in the LAN network in case of the leak of patient data.

4) This software is used to assist physicians to make diagnosis. It’s unadvisable to directly use the software to generate finding reports, in which case missed detection or false positive results may occur.

5) If misdiagnosis, missed detection, false positive, or other serious incidents does occur, please report to Infervision and the competent authority in your country in time.

6) If the patient ID or the patient name is missing in the system, please contact the equipment technician supplement the above labels prior to making diagnosis so as to preclude the possibility of mismatching the patient information with the diagnosis result, resulting in misdiagnosis.